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Endo irrigation needle tips

Endo irrigation needle tips

  • Product description: double sideports-rounded tip endodontic irrigation needle tips 27ga ,31ga double side-port needle tips

Root canal dedicated bilateral flushing needle

Safety:Design on both sides of the outlet hole, tip closed, side flush root canal liquid does not exceed the tip of the mouth.

Specifications:32g (0.3 - 0.25 mm) flushing needles, it can be easy, accurate even whenwashing a small, curved root canal.

Instructions for use: Pay attention to rinse the liquid crystal, easy to plug the rinseneedle, rinse after the end of liquid to prevent the use of ultrasonic cleaning rinse needle or plug the needle, packaging support high temperature, high pressure, disinfection


In view of the special curved root canal can central arc bending needle needle, no tright-angle bend needle or needle opening position.

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